If you’re not already subscribed Microsoft Office 365 applications for your business, this is the time to switch. As one of the most widely-used business applications today, Office 365 has secure support and features that your users is likely to be missing at this moment. With Office 365, you’re guaranteed 24/7 access across devices. Microsoft Office 365 has cloud-based capabilities that go beyond standard Microsoft Office packages, allowing you and your team to log on to your network at any time, from anywhere.


Most people have used at least a few Microsoft Office products before, so switching to Office 365 will reduce time spent on training. Office 365 products are cloud-based, but with your subscription, you still have access to standard Microsoft Office programmes which you can install on Mac or PC. As a result, your switch will be seamless.


As with any cloud-based system, questions about security come up. Office 365 has ample security measures to keep your files, data, and network safe. You’ll also have Office 365 updates as soon as they’re available, ensuring any patches are covered before you become vulnerable.


You don’t have to commit to the full Office 365 package if your business doesn’t require it. Licenses are flexible, so you can scale up your access to products when you need, or scale back to cut down on costs. By migrating your network and storage to the Cloud, you free up space on your on-site servers. You can devote this space to other important resources, or scale back your servers entirely. With cloud-based business applications like Office 365, you pay a monthly subscription fee for the products and services you want. You don’t have to pay upfront for licenses to the products, not knowing if you’ll keep using them consistently in a few years.

How we can help you with Microsoft Office 365 deployment:

Expro Media Ltd is an accredited Microsoft partner. We’ve helped many businesses of all sizes install and manage Office 365. Our engineers are at your service for your Office 365 plannign and implimentation. We can guide you through the migration to the business application, as well as help with installation. We’ll also help you deploy Office 365 and training on how to manage the administration portals.


We provide a gold standard IT services and consultancy. We are, therefore, very familiar with business applications that work with the cloud, like Office 365. If you’re an existing client who’s considering migrating to Office 365, we can develop a plan with you for the switch that reduces downtime and secures your data. If you aren’t an existing client but would like professional IT expertise concerning Office 365, we can provide that as well. Our experts are at your disposal for any questions or projects related to Office 365.